A novel vaccine transportation and storage system for remote regions powered via bicycle pedalling, without the need of ice-packs or external electricity.


Honors & Awards

This novel innovation has been finalized by the jury at Rhodes Trust and Schmidt Futures Grant. This project was also selected by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India for prototype development.

using Thermoelectric Peltier Coolers.


The amount of vaccines according to WHO wasted every year due to lack of temperature control and the logistics to support an unbroken cold-chain.

Optimizing the last leg of transportation

The device uses pedalling of the bicycle (used in most remote regions) to generate current via electromagnetism. The generated electricty is stored and used to power the thermoelectric peltier modules inside the insulated storage unit. The same process can be used for storage as well once at the destination.


Last leg of vaccine delivery is too slow and ice-packs leave the vaccines either too cold or too cold, along with unsanitary storage.


The recommended temperature range for vaccines to be functional, safe and effective. Which this device aims to bring in the last leg of remote delivery.

Currenlty being incubated

The technique is being explored in a patent-pending case, to be used in applications such as transportation and storage of perishable food items in remote areas which do not have an electric connection yet, in addition with uses in medtech cases. We aim to launch device as a pilot project within the next year, after current ongoing development and consultation with professionals and experts. This is only possible due to the generous grants, funds and mentorship awarded.

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