Using low-cost non-invasive headset to help paralyzed & neurological patients convert their thoughts into text & images, and further allowing specially-abled citizens to control artificial limbs with their thoughts.


Honors & Awards

This innovation approach was initiated as a research report which has been selected by the Award run jointly by The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, and was initiated by Prof Shing-Tung YAU, Professor of Mathematics and Physics at Harvard; and the report is currently under review for publication in international journal.

No-risk real-time
brain imaging and processing via app.

40 sec

Nearly one stroke case occurs every 40 seconds, with Stroke being the second most common cause of death in India. And stroke counts towards only 33.7% of paralysed population, ahead of other neurological diseases, not including adverse conditions like Bell's Palsy or Parkisnon's.

Providing a voice to the voiceless

My grandfather was a Parkinson's Patient who couldn't clearly express what he wanted to say and thus couldn't call someone in times of need. Most of the times, I couldn't adress his needs because of being unaware of his needs. Once a part of science fiction, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) today have become a new frontier in enabling patients suffering from paralysis, neurological disorders, or severe disabilities to interact directly with their loved ones, and eliminate the frustrations of their caregivers.


Previous attempts, like Neuralink use surgical implants or fMRI and bulky computers, whereas Lucid uses a portable non-invasive EEG headband.


The number of limb amputees in India, with tens of thousands every year. Not including citizens with limb imperfections from birth. We aim to serve all these people with the integration of this technology.

Currenlty being incubated

The technique is being explored in a patent-pending case, to be used in applications such as nueroporesthetic limbs whih can be controlled with thoughts along with commuincation avenues. We are aiming to incubate this product into a med-tech startup in the coming year through Institute incubation centre(s) where this idea is currently submitted for seed funding.

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