Putting farmers and villages on the global map, and help in bringing them to the forefront of technological innovations and e-commerce.


Collaborative Development

This startup entity is currently being developed and managed by Aditya Chaudhary, Anand Pandey, Arush Bannerjee and Prabhnoor Singh. By collaborating with current agricultural science and law students and practitioners, we are aiming to deliver a rural social forum on steroids, which aims to blur the gap in rural and urban commerce.

Multifaceted approach to bring villages into the digital age, while keeping in touch with their roots.

908 Million

Number of rural population in India, with the farmer population between 100 million and 150 million, more than 7 milion artisans and innumerable small businesses. We aim to equip them with the tools necessary to take advantage of the digital era we live in.

An Assistive Social Forum

The backbone of KrishiApp is built upon providing a place to rural citizens to communicate with each other easily. This lets farmers and related workmen to share insights, tools and technqiues, along with updates on new innovations in agricultiral practices at a global stage. The app also provides updates on prices and rates and connects suppliers. As an innovative approach we are devloping a generative AI language model to provide legal counsel overview on cases that otherwise unaware farmers ro workers may not understand when in a legal dispute and connect with pro bono practitioners locally, along with assisting in finding relevant government policies and schemes for specialised needs such as education. A machine learning meteorological model provides real-time processing updates on patterns and subsequent affected results, in order to mitigate problems such as pest attacks and climate change-induced crop yield shortage.

Marking our spot on the map. Literally.

We aim to let villagers map their own locations and roads on the map, with assistive machine learning, to introduce their existence on the internet.
Another limb of KrishiApp is to let artisans and small business owners to seamlessly transition into online B2C practice, by providing them a platform to showcase their products and sell at an international stage. We are partnering with local NGOs, educational institutions, and gram panchayats to establish a robust network of smooth interconnected workings, with the power lying in the hands of the users.


Giving the control to the grassroots

We want the rural population and workers to own what they do, not any middlemen, and get a fair and just compensation. We aim to assign NGOs, local organisations and system-aware people in charge of representing the artisans at a national and international stage and relay all the information. This lets the knowledge and control stay in the hands of the workers, even with language and awareness barriers.

Currenlty being incubated

The app is currently under devlopment to be published on App Store. KrishiApp entity is being registered as a company in India, and in process for a DPIIT Startup registration. We are currenlty submitted in incubation to devlop the app into a business model and recieve necessary funds. Currently along with the management and development of Aditya, Anand and Arush, we employ undergraduate devlopers and designers from instituitions across India, who are working with us actively.

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