KALAM. was started because I was keen for innovation and tinkering. But as is the mentality of schools
and students alike, the tunnel vision on studies and exams, however important academically, do not let the imagination & creativity foster. I was unaware of opportunities like IRIS, ISEF, INSEF, Inspire or multiple other innovation forums, competitions, grants
and awards that let children help change the world, and let you connect with a global audience of likeminded peers and mentors. After my studies, I researched heavily and found that most of the recipients of such honors
and opportunities had familial connections with research mentors and professors and an average school fees
of ₹15000-25000 per month. This disparity didn't settle with my conscience and KALAM. Initiative was born.

We aim to bring a launchpad to all the students and schools, irrespective of their economic background, and provide them guidance on opportunities and foster their ideas to take shape into actual inventions, provide research & mentorship and help them achieve at an international stage. This process was started at my own school, where I informed my peers and juniors about opportunities, and helped them get started in innovating ideas and research. We aim to launch a startup accelerator for high school and undergraduate students, and help them write their own future.